pentadactyl 사용법

Basic: green

middle: blue

expert: red


h: scroll left

l: scroll right

j: scroll down

k: scroll up

gg: go top

G: go bottom

<number>%: goto <number> percent of page


f: follow link

F: follow link in a background tab

;;: mouse over on a link (useful in frame-like page)

;s: save a link or image

mamaging tab:

o: open url

O: open url based current url

t: tab open

T: tab open based current url

d: close current tab

r: reload current tab

R: reload current tab without cache

gt: goto next tab

gT: goto previous tab

<C-n>: goto next tab

<C-p>: goto previous tab

:tabm <number>: move tab to <number>

:pin: pin tab


gi: goto input box

gf: view source

gF: view source in external editor

<C-i>: edit inputbox in external editor

<C-v>: passthru one command

<C-z>: passthru any command until press <esc>

managing url:

H: goto previous page

L: goto next page

gu: goto upper directory

gU: goto root directory

<C-a>: increase number on url

<C-x>: decrease number on url


p style=”margin-left: 2em;”>]]: goto link labeled “next” or etc

[userscript] remove ‘ㅋ’ in facebok and twitter

For facebook:

For twitter